dp Examples

  1. data processing.
  2. Baseball. double play.


  1. data processing.
  2. displaced person.


  1. (in prescriptions) with a proper direction.

Origin of d.p. From the Latin word dīrēctiōne prōpriā D.P.

  1. data processing.
  2. displaced person.


  1. documents against payment.

Related Words for dp foreigner, alien, exile, expatriate, emigrant, evacuee, refugee, fugitive, castaway, renegade, deserter, foundling, outlaw, outcast, defector, escapee, leper, prodigal, maroon, derelict Examples from the Web for dp Contemporary Examples of dp

  • I was very fortunate that the actors, DP, and set designer I had were top-level.

    Jon Stewart Talks ‘Rosewater’ and the ‘Chickensh-t’ Democrats’ Midterm Massacre

    Marlow Stern

    November 9, 2014

  • “We had three people in our crew—myself, producer Zak Piper, and our DP, Dana Kupper,” says James.

    ‘Life Itself’: A Fitting, Heartrending Tribute to Cinema’s Great Appreciator Roger Ebert

    Marlow Stern

    July 2, 2014

  • [Director] Nic Roeg, [DP] Tony Richmond, Julie Christie and me.

    How Hollywood’s Most Realistic Sex Scenes Were Made: ‘Don’t Look Now’ to ‘Nymphomaniac’

    Marlow Stern

    March 24, 2014

  • To this day, my mother can recite the Hebrew poetry of Bialik, which she learned in the DP camps of postwar Germany.

    Biblical Language and Apocalyptic Fury

    Mark Baker

    April 5, 2012

  • Historical Examples of dp

  • But he had never heard of a petition for a DP being refused.


    Arthur Dekker Savage

  • These have been replaced by opening quotes in this eBook – DP.

    The Talisman

    George Borrow

  • This time, they’d harnessed Nedda’s restless passion to the task of dissuading him from a DP.


    Arthur Dekker Savage

  • Dp recognises as father or mother all members of classes A and B; similarly Cp, etc.

    Spinifex and Sand

    David W Carnegie

  • British Dictionary definitions for dp DP abbreviation for

    1. data processing
    2. displaced person
    3. (in South Africa) Democratic Party

    D/P abbreviation for

    1. documents against presentation

    dp in Medicine DP abbr.

    1. Doctor of Podiatry

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