Dr. Motte wants to revive Loveparade

Dr. Motte wants to revive Loveparade

The Berlin DJ Dr. Motte wants to start another love parade in Berlin. For this purpose, he and his team from the non-profit GmbH "Rave the Planet" want to collect donations, as the 59-year-old announced on Monday in Berlin. "We ask the question: 'Do you want a new love parade?' By collecting donations, we can find out whether this is actually wanted by the world, "said Dr. Moth.

The DJ and his fellow campaigners are also committed to the preservation of techno culture – in view of the increasing difficulties of clubs struggling for their existence. Her plan: have electronic dance music protected by Unesco as an intangible world cultural heritage. The application should be submitted this year. They also want to initiate an officially recognized holiday of electronic dance music culture.

Dr. Motte (bourgeois: Matthias Roeingh) founded the Loveparade in Berlin over 30 years ago. In 1989 150 techno fans danced on Kurfürstendamm under the motto "Peace, joy, pancakes". Later it turned into a spectacle of millions, the rave was taken over by another organizer. Since the devastating accident with dead and injured in Duisburg in 2010, the Love Parade has not existed.

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