dragée [dra-zhey] Word Origin noun

  1. a sugarcoated nut or candy.
  2. a small, beadlike piece of candy, usually silver-colored and used for decorating cookies, cake, and the like.
  3. a sugarcoated medication.

Origin of dragée 1850–55; French; Old French dragee, dragie Medieval Latin drageia Medieval Greek *dragéa, for Greek tragḗma sweetmeat, dried fruit British Dictionary definitions for dragee dragée noun

  1. a sweet made of a nut, fruit, etc, coated with a hard sugar icing
  2. a tiny beadlike sweet used for decorating cakes, etc
  3. a medicinal formulation coated with sugar to disguise the taste

Word Origin for dragée C19: from French; see dredge ² dragee in Medicine dragée [drä-zhā′] n.

  1. A small, often medicated candy.

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