dray horse

dray horse

dray horse Examples noun

  1. a draft horse used for pulling a dray.

Examples from the Web for dray horse Historical Examples of dray horse

  • Look at the race and dray-horse, or at the greyhound and mastiff.

    On the Origin of Species

    Charles Darwin

  • The dray-horse of these countries has a large share of Flemish blood in him.

    The Stock-Feeder’s Manual

    Charles Alexander Cameron

  • Awakened by the oath, he just got out of the way of a huge Flemish dray-horse dragging a brewer’s cart.

    Dreamers of the Ghetto

    I. Zangwill

  • It was as marvellous as though a man should walk down the street carrying a dray-horse on his back.

    Cyrus Hall McCormick

    Herbert Newton Casson

  • His lady, who has to work all day like a dray-horse and scold the servants besides, to get things into order, loses her temper.

    The Struggles of Brown, Jones, and Robinson

    Anthony Trollope

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