dream book

dream book

dream book ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a book, pamphlet, etc., that lists common dreams and purports to interpret them, especially in regard to their meaning for the future.

Origin of dream book First recorded in 1785–95 Examples from the Web for dream book Historical Examples of dream book

  • Raz Brown, awake—nominally, at least—sat by, reading his dream-book.

    The Daughter of a Magnate

    Frank H. Spearman

  • “Let’s see what it says about a parasol;” and she turned over her dream-book.

    Cast Adrift

    T. S. Arthur

  • I was no better than a kitchen-maid at her dream-book and fortune-teller.

    The Professor’s Mystery

    Wells Hastings

  • I can smell the odour of the gathered hay, and the faces in my dream-book smile at me.

    Painted Windows

    Elia W. Peattie

  • Few young women in the country, farmers’ daughters and servants, were without a favourite “Dream-Book.”

    Lancashire Folk-lore

    John Harland

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