dressage [druh-sahzh; French dre-sazh] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. haute école(def 1).
  2. the art or method of training a horse in obedience and in precision of movement.

Origin of dressage 1935–40; French, equivalent to dress(er) to dress + -age -age Examples from the Web for dressage Contemporary Examples of dressage

  • And no Stepford husband would ever tolerate a wife with as consuming a personal passion as dressage.

    American Dreams: ‘The Stepford Wives’ by Ira Levin

    Nathaniel Rich

    August 24, 2012

  • Dressage is a useful therapy for people with multiple sclerosis.

    Lay Off the Dressage Attacks on Mitt and Ann Romney’s Horse Rafalca

    Michelle Cottle

    August 3, 2012

  • The Telegraph: Royal horsewoman Zara Philips still in contention for a medal with the UK’s equestrian team in dressage.

    Royal Round Up

    Tom Sykes

    July 29, 2012

  • The first time the “military test”—dressage, jumping, and eventing—was included in the Olympics was in 1912.

    Ann Romney’s Horse Goes to the Olympics: 6 Key Facts About the Sport of Dressage

    June 18, 2012

  • After this, dressage became a more civilian sport, and the first women competed at the 1952 Olympics.

    Ann Romney’s Horse Goes to the Olympics: 6 Key Facts About the Sport of Dressage

    June 18, 2012

  • Historical Examples of dressage

  • She laughed very prettily and told me my dressage would perhaps be difficult, as I was noble.

    The King in Yellow

    Robert W. Chambers

  • British Dictionary definitions for dressage dressage noun

    1. the method of training a horse to perform manoeuvres in response to the rider’s body signals
    2. the manoeuvres performed by a horse trained in this method

    Word Origin for dressage French: preparation, from Old French dresser to prepare; see dress Word Origin and History for dressage n.

    1936, from French dressage, from dresser “to train, drill” (see dress (v.)). Middle English had dress (v.) in the sense of “to train or break in” a horse or other animal (c.1400), but it died out.

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