noun Slang: Disparaging and Offensive.

  1. a contemptuous term used to refer to a lesbian.


  1. Greg (ory). born 1947, British television executive; director-general of the BBC (2000–04)


  1. an embankment constructed to prevent flooding, keep out the sea, etc
  2. a ditch or watercourse
  3. a bank made of earth excavated for and placed alongside a ditch
  4. Scot a wall, esp a dry-stone wall
  5. a barrier or obstruction
  6. a vertical or near-vertical wall-like body of igneous rock intruded into cracks in older rock
  7. Australian and NZ informal
    1. a lavatory
    2. (as modifier)a dyke roll


  1. civil engineering an embankment or wall built to confine a river to a particular course
  2. (tr) to protect, enclose, or drain (land) with a dyke


  1. slang a lesbian

1931, American English, perhaps a shortening of morphadike, dialectal garbling of hermaphrodite; but bulldyker “engage in lesbian activities” is attested from 1921, and a source from 1896 lists dyke as slang for “the vulva.”

[T]he word appears first in the long forms, bulldiker and bulldyking, both used in the 1920s by American blacks. No African antecedents have been found for the term, however, which leads to the possibility that this is basically just another backcountry, barnyard word, perhaps a combination of BULL and DICK. [Rawson]

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