edmond genet

< /ɛdˈmɔ̃ ʃarl eɪˈdwar/, Citizen Genêt, 1763–1834, French minister to the U.S. in 1793.

  • pen name of Janet Flanner.
  • noun

    1. any agile catlike viverrine mammal of the genus Genetta, inhabiting wooded regions of Africa and S Europe, having an elongated head, thick spotted or blotched fur, and a very long tail
    2. the fur of such an animal


    1. an obsolete spelling of jennet


    1. Jean (ʒɑ̃). 1910–86, French dramatist and novelist; his novels include Notre-Dame des Fleurs (1944) and his plays Les Bonnes (1947) and Le Balcon (1956)

    small civet, late 15c., from Old French genete (Modern French genette), from Spanish gineta, from Arabic jarnait.

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