1. energy efficiency ratio.

adverb Chiefly Literary.

  1. ever.

  1. a noun-forming suffix occurring originally in loanwords from French (buccaneer; mutineer; pioneer) and productive in the formation of English nouns denoting persons who produce, handle, or are otherwise significantly associated with the referent of the base word (auctioneer; engineer; mountaineer; pamphleteer); now frequently pejorative (profiteer; racketeer).Compare -ary, -er2, -ier2.


  1. poetic, or archaic a contraction of ever


  1. (forming nouns) indicating a person who is concerned with or who does something specifiedauctioneer; engineer; profiteer; mutineer
  2. (forming verbs) to be concerned with something specifiedelectioneer

variant spelling of ever, now archaic or poetic.

suffix meaning “one who” (operates, produces, deals in); anglicized form of French -ier, from Latin -arius, -iarius; cf. -ary.

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