1. the act or an instance of going, especially from an enclosed place.
  2. a means or place of going out; an exit.
  3. the right or permission to go out.
  4. Astronomy. emersion(def 1).

verb (used without object)

  1. to go out; emerge.

noun (ˈiːɡrɛs)

  1. Also called: egression the act of going or coming out; emergence
  2. a way out, such as a path; exit
  3. the right or permission to go out or depart
  4. astronomy another name for emersion (def. 2)

verb (ɪˈɡrɛs) (intr)

  1. to go forth; issue

1530s, from Latin egressus “a going out,” noun use of past participle of egredi “go out,” from ex- “out” (see ex-) + -gredi, comb. form of gradi “step, go” (see grade). Perhaps a back-formation from egression (early 15c.).

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