noun Medicine/Medical.

  1. a graphic record produced by an electroencephalograph. Abbreviation: EEG


  1. med the tracing obtained from an electroencephalographAbbreviation: EEG

1934, from electro- + encephalo- (see encephalitis) + -gram.


  1. A graphic record of brain waves as recorded by an electroencephalograph.

  1. A graphic record of brain waves representing electrical activity in the brain, used especially in the diagnosis of seizures and other neurological disorders.♦ The instrument used to record an electroencephalogram is called an electroencephalograph.It generates a record of the electrical activity of the brain by measuring electric signals using a set of electrodes attached to the scalp that act as transducers. Differences of electric potential between different parts of the brain are measured by a portable set of galvanometers and printed as a wide paper strip with multiple simultaneous waveform tracings that have standard configurations in the normal brain.

A written recording of the electrical activity of the brain. Electroencephalograms are useful in studying and detecting brain disorders.

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