verb (used with object), e·lec·tro·plat·ed, e·lec·tro·plat·ing.

  1. to plate or coat with a metal by electrolysis.


  1. electroplated articles or ware.


  1. (tr) to plate (an object) by electrolysis


  1. electroplated articles collectively, esp when plated with silver


  1. coated with metal by electrolysis; electroplated

  1. The process of coating the surface of a conducting material with a metal. During the process, the surface to be covered acts as a cathode in an electrolytic cell, and the metal that is to cover it acts as an anode. Electroplating is usually used to cover a less expensive metal with a more expensive metal, or to cover a corrosive metal with a less corrosive or noncorrosive metal.

A process whereby a thin coat of metal is applied to a material. The process involves placing the material to be coated in a solution containing ions of the metal and then passing an electric current (see also current) through the system, which causes the ions to adhere to the material.

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