noun, plural em·bou·chures [ahm-booshoo rz; ahm-boo-shoo rz; French ahn-boo-shyr] /ˌɑm bʊˈʃʊərz; ˈɑm bʊˌʃʊərz; French ɑ̃ buˈʃür/.

  1. the mouth of a river.
  2. the opening out of a valley into a plain.
  3. Music.
    1. the mouthpiece of a wind instrument.
    2. the adjustment of a player’s mouth to such a mouthpiece.


  1. the mouth of a river or valley
  2. music
    1. the correct application of the lips and tongue in playing a wind instrument
    2. the mouthpiece of a wind instrument

1760, in musical sense, from French embouchure “river mouth, mouth of a wind instrument,” from en- “in” (see en- (1)) + bouche “mouth” (see bouche).

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