1. coming into view or notice; issuing.
  2. emerging; rising from a liquid or other surrounding medium.
  3. coming into existence, especially with political independence: the emergent nations of Africa.
  4. arising casually or unexpectedly.
  5. calling for immediate action; urgent.
  6. Evolution. displaying emergence.


  1. Ecology. an aquatic plant having its stem, leaves, etc., extending above the surface of the water.


  1. coming into being or noticean emergent political structure
  2. (of a nation) recently independent


  1. an aquatic plant with stem and leaves above the water

mid-15c., from Latin emergentem (nominative emergens), present participle of emergere (see emerge).

  1. Rooted below a body of water or in an area that is periodically submerged but extending above the water level. Used of aquatic plants such as cattails, rushes, or cord grass.

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