noun, plural é·mi·grés [em-i-greyz; French ey-mee-grey] /ˈɛm ɪˌgreɪz; French eɪ miˈgreɪ/.

  1. an emigrant, especially a person who flees from his or her native land because of political conditions.
  2. a person who fled from France because of opposition to or fear of the revolution that began in 1789.


  1. an emigrant, esp one forced to leave his native country for political reasons

1792, from French émigré “an emigrant,” noun use of past participle of émigrer “emigrate” (18c.), from Latin emigrare (see emigration). Originally used of royalist refugees from the French Revolution; extended 1920s to refugees from the Russian Revolution, then generally to political exiles.

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