Emmanuel Macron's preferred candidate withdraws from the Paris election campaign

Emmanuel Macron's preferred candidate withdraws from the Paris election campaign

The French President's candidate Emmanuel Macron the Paris City Hall announced its withdrawal around a month before the elections.

"For more than a year, my family and I have been exposed to defamatory statements, lies, rumors, anonymous attacks (…) and death threats," Benjamin Griveaux told BFMTV on Friday. The 42-year-old no longer wants his family to do this.

The publication of a video of a sexual nature has overflowed the barrel: "A website and social networks have spread heinous attacks on my privacy," said Griveaux.

Russian activist Piotr Pavlenski put the video online, according to French media. He got it from a source that had a relationship with Griveaux. He wanted to disclose the hypocrisy of Griveaux, who presented himself as the mayor of the families, said the activist of the French "Libération".

Macron's party split in Paris

Griveaux is considered a confidante of Macron. He resigned as government spokesman last year to conquer Paris City Hall.

The presidential party La République en Marche (LREM) is split in the elections in Paris: too the eccentric mathematician Cédric Villani, who received the Fields Medal Candidate from Macron's camp – against the President's will. This massively reduced the chances of the official candidate Griveaux. In recent surveys, Griveaux was third – behind Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo and conservative ex-Minister Rachida Dati.

The first round of local elections will take place on March 15th. Because of its political and economic importance, the capital has a symbolic character that can hardly be overestimated. Socialist Hidalgo is currently in charge in the town hall with a view of the Seine. The next big challenge for the metropolis is the Olympic Games in 2024.

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