1. uttered, or to be uttered, with emphasis; strongly expressive.
  2. using emphasis in speech or action.
  3. forceful; insistent: a big, emphatic man; I must be emphatic about this particular.
  4. very impressive or significant; strongly marked; striking: the emphatic beauty of sunset.
  5. clearly or boldly outlined: It stands, like a great, stone dagger, emphatic against the sky.
  6. Grammar. of or relating to a form used to add emphasis, especially, in English, stressed auxiliary do in affirmative statements, as in He did call you or I do like it.
  7. Phonetics. having a secondary velar articulation, as certain dental consonants in Arabic.


  1. an emphatic consonant.


  1. with emphasis or force
  2. definitely or unquestionably


  1. expressed, spoken, or done with emphasis
  2. forceful and positive; definite; directan emphatic personality
  3. sharp or clear in form, contour, or outline
  4. important or significant; stressedthe emphatic points in an argument
  5. phonetics denoting certain dental consonants of Arabic that are pronounced with accompanying pharyngeal constriction


  1. phonetics an emphatic consonant, as used in Arabic

1708, from Greek emphatikos, variant of emphantikos, from emphainein (see emphasis). Emphatical is earlier (1550s). Related: Emphatically.

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