1. something that encloses, as a fence or wall.
  2. something that is enclosed, as a paper sent in a letter.
  3. the separation and appropriation of land by means of a fence.
  4. a tract of land surrounded by a fence.
  5. an act or instance of enclosing.
  6. the state of being enclosed.
  7. Roman Catholic Church. the part of a monastery or convent canonically separated or restricted as the living quarters of the religious, from which a person may leave only with special permission or gain entrance to by special dispensation.


  1. the act of enclosing or state of being enclosed
  2. a region or area enclosed by or as if by a fence
    1. the act of appropriating land, esp common land, by putting a hedge or other barrier around it
    2. historysuch acts as were carried out at various periods in England, esp between the 12th and 14th centuries and finally in the 18th and 19th centuries
  3. a fence, wall, etc, that serves to enclose
  4. something, esp a supporting document, enclosed within an envelope or wrapper, esp together with a letter
  5. British a section of a sports ground, racecourse, etc, allotted to certain spectators

mid-15c., “action of enclosing,” from enclose + -ure. Meaning “that which is enclosed” is from 1550s.

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