verb (used with object), en·graved, en·grav·ing.

  1. to chase (letters, designs, etc.) on a hard surface, as of metal, stone, or the end grain of wood: She had the jeweler engrave her name on the back of the watch.
  2. to print from such a surface.
  3. to mark or ornament with incised letters, designs, etc.: He engraved the ring in a floral pattern.
  4. to impress deeply; infix: That image is engraved on my mind.

verb (tr)

  1. to inscribe (a design, writing, etc) onto (a block, plate, or other surface used for printing) by carving, etching with acid, or other process
  2. to print (designs or characters) from a printing plate so made
  3. to fix deeply or permanently in the mind

1580s, agent noun from engrave.


late 15c. (implied in ingraved), from en- (1) + obsolete verb grave “carve” (see grave (v.)). Related: Engraved; engraving.

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