noun, plural en·tentes [ahn-tahnts; French ahntahnt] /ɑnˈtɑnts; French ɑ̃ˈtɑ̃t/.

  1. an arrangement or understanding between two or more nations agreeing to follow a particular policy with regard to affairs of international concern.
  2. an alliance of parties to such an understanding.


  1. short for entente cordiale
  2. the parties to an entente cordiale collectively

1854, from French éntente “understanding,” from Old French entente “intent” (12c.), noun use of fem. past participle of entendre “to direct one’s attention (see intent). Political sense arose in 19c. from entente cordial (1844), the best-known example being that between England and France (1904), to which Russia was added in 1908.

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