verb (used with object)

  1. Chemistry. (of a substance, as a vapor) to carry along (a dissimilar substance, as drops of liquid) during a given process, as evaporation or distillation.
  2. (of a liquid) to trap (bubbles).
  3. Meteorology. to transfer (air) into an organized air current from the surrounding atmosphere (opposed to detrain).


  1. to board or put aboard a train

verb (tr)

  1. (of a liquid or gas) to carry along (drops of liquid, bubbles, etc), as in certain distillations
  2. to disperse (air bubbles) through concrete in order to increase its resistance to frost
  3. zoology to adjust (an internal rhythm of an organism) so that it synchronizes with an external cycle, such as that of light and dark

“to draw along,” 1560s, from French entrainer (12c.), from en- “away” (see en- (1)) + trainer “to drag” (see train (n.)). Related: Entrained; entrainment. A word in chemistry; the word meaning “to get on a locomotive train” is a native formation from the 1860s.

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