verb (used with object), en·trapped, en·trap·ping.

  1. to catch in or as in a trap; ensnare: The hunters used nets to entrap the lion.
  2. to bring unawares into difficulty or danger: He entrapped himself in the web of his own lies.
  3. to lure into performing an act or making a statement that is compromising or illegal.
  4. to draw into contradiction or damaging admission: The questioner entrapped her into an admission of guilt.
  5. Law. to catch by entrapment.

verb -traps, -trapping or -trapped (tr)

  1. to catch or snare in or as if in a trap
  2. to lure or trick into danger, difficulty, or embarrassment

1530s, intrappe, from Old French entraper “trap, catch in a trap;” see en- (1) + trap (v.). Related: Entrapped; entrapping.

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