1. having the structure of an epoxide.

noun, plural ep·ox·ies.

  1. Also called epoxy resin. any of a class of resins derived by polymerization from epoxides: used chiefly in adhesives, coatings, electrical insulation, solder mix, and castings.

verb (used with object), ep·ox·ied, ep·ox·y·ing.

  1. to bond (two materials) by means of an epoxy resin.

adjective chem

  1. of, consisting of, or containing an oxygen atom joined to two different groups that are themselves joined to other groupsepoxy group
  2. of, relating to, or consisting of an epoxy resin

noun plural epoxies

  1. short for epoxy resin

1916, in reference to certain chemical compounds, from epi- + first element of oxygen (epoxy- is used as a prefix in chemistry). Resins from them are used as powerful glues. Hence the verb meaning “to bond with epoxy” (1965). Related: Epoxied.


  1. Any of various usually thermosetting resins capable of forming tight cross-linked polymer structures characterized by toughness, strong adhesion, and low shrinkage, used especially in surface coatings and adhesives.


  1. Containing an oxygen atom bound to two different atoms linked in some other way, especially a compound containing a ring formed by one oxygen atom and two carbon atoms.

  1. Any of various artificial resins made of chains of epoxide rings. Epoxies are tough, very adhesive, and resistant to chemicals. They are used to make protective coatings and glues. Also called epoxy resin

A high-strength adhesive, often made of two different materials that must be mixed together just prior to use.

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