noun Also equivalency (for defs 1, 2).

  1. the state or fact of being equivalent; equality in value, force, significance, etc.
  2. an instance of this; an equivalent.
  3. Chemistry. the quality of having equal valence.
  4. Logic, Mathematics.
    1. Also called material implication.the relation between two propositions such that the second is not false when the first is true.
    2. Also called material equivalence.the relation between two propositions such that they are either both true or both false.
    3. the relation between two propositions such that each logically implies the other.


  1. (of a logical or mathematical relationship) reflexive, symmetrical, and transitive.


  1. the state of being equivalent or interchangeable
  2. maths logic
    1. the relationship between two statements, each of which implies the other
    2. Also called: biconditionalthe binary truth-function that takes the value true when both component sentences are true or when both are false, corresponding to English if and only if . Symbol: ≡ or ↔, as in –(pq) ≡ – p ∨ – q

1540s, from French équivalence, from Medieval Latin aequivalentia, from aequivalentem (see equivalent). Related: Equivalency (1530s).

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