1. sea eagle.

  1. an adjective suffix occurring with names of directions: northern; southern.


  1. another name for the (European) sea eagle


  1. a river in N central Republic of Ireland, rising in County Cavan and flowing north across the border, through Upper Lough Erne and Lower Lough Erne and then west to Donegal Bay. Length: about 96 km (60 miles)

“sea eagle,” from Old English earn “eagle,” a common Germanic word (cf. Old High German arn, German Aar, Middle Dutch arent, Old Norse örn, Gothic ara “eagle”), from PIE root *or- “great bird, eagle” (cf. Greek ornis “bird,” Old Church Slavonic orilu, Lithuanian erelis, Welsh eryr “eagle”). The Germanic word also survives in the first element of old Germanic names such as Arnold and Arthur.

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