Estienne [es-tyen] Examples noun

  1. Also Étienne. a family of French printers, book dealers, and scholars, including especially Hen·ri [ahn-ree] /ɑ̃ˈri/, died 1520; his son, Ro·bert [raw-ber] /rɔˈbɛr/, 1503?–59; Henri (son of Robert), 1531?–98.
  2. a French printing firm founded by this family.

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  • The Estienne or Etienne family is probably the most important and interesting of the sixteenth century printers of Paris.

    Printers’ Marks

    William Roberts

  • Estienne was, next to Aldo Manuzio of Venice, the most learned of printers, and deserves to be held in due reverence.

    A Brief History of Wood-engraving from Its Invention

    Joseph Cundall

  • For real scholarly merit the editions of Gryphius or Estienne are much to be preferred, but this makes no difference.

    Book Collecting

    John Herbert Slater

  • All the Estienne household, even the children, conversed in Latin, and the very servants are said to have grown used to it.

    The Story of Paris

    Thomas Okey

  • His family name was Estienne, but, according to the fashion of the time, he used the Latin form of the word.

    Books Fatal to Their Authors

    P. H. Ditchfield

  • British Dictionary definitions for estienne Estienne tienne noun

    1. a family of French printers, scholars, and dealers in books, including Henri (ɑ̃ri), ?1460–1520, who founded the printing business in Paris, his son Robert (rɔbɛr), 1503–59, and his grandson Henri, 1528–98

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