estoc [e-stok; French e-stawk] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for estoc on noun, plural es·tocs [e-stoks; French e-stawk] /ɛˈstɒks; French ɛˈstɔk/.

  1. a thrusting sword of the 13th–17th centuries having a long, narrow blade of rectangular section.

Origin of estoc 1820–30; Old French: literally, point (of a sword). See stock Related Words for estoc blade, dagger, saber, brand, foil, cutlass, rapier, hanger, sabre, broadsword, kris, epee, creese, claymore, falchion, backsword, scimitar, toledo, dirk, bilbo Examples from the Web for estoc Historical Examples of estoc

  • His right hand was drawn so far back, that the glittering point of the estoc only showed in front of his hip.

    Wager of Battle

    Henry William Herbert

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