estrone [es-trohn] Word Origin noun

  1. Biochemistry. an estrogenic hormone, C18H22O2, produced by the ovarian follicles and found during pregnancy in urine and placental tissue.
  2. Pharmacology. a commercial form of this compound, obtained from the urine of pregnant women or synthesized from ergosterol, used in the treatment of estrogen deficiency and certain menopausal and postmenopausal conditions.

Also estrin. Origin of estrone First recorded in 1930–35; estr(in) + -one British Dictionary definitions for estrone estrone noun

  1. the usual US spelling of oestrone

estrone in Medicine estrone [ĕs′trōn′] n.

  1. A metabolite of estradiol, commonly found in urine, having considerably less biological activity than estradiol but similar properties and uses.theelin
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