etamine [et-uh-meen] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a lightweight cotton or worsted fabric constructed in plain weave and loosely woven.

Origin of etamine From French, dating back to 1750–60; see origin at estamin Examples from the Web for etamine Historical Examples of etamine

  • Similar to etamine, with a very close mesh, made first of silk and wool.


    William H. Dooley

  • Etamine—A light woolen cloth similar to batiste and nun’s cloth, used for women’s and children’s wear.

    Textiles and Clothing

    Kate Heintz Watson

  • The principal characteristic of an etamine is a crisp, glossy, and open structure.


    William H. Dooley

  • British Dictionary definitions for etamine etamine etamin (ˈɛtəmɪn) noun

    1. a cotton or worsted fabric of loose weave, used for clothing, curtains, etc

    Word Origin for etamine C18: from French, from Latin stāminea, from stāmineus made of threads, from stamen thread, warp

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