etherize [ee-thuh-rahyz] ExamplesWord Origin verb (used with object), e·ther·ized, e·ther·iz·ing.

  1. Medicine/Medical. to put under the influence of ether; anesthetize.
  2. to render groggy or numb, as if by an anesthetic.

Also especially British, e·ther·ise. Origin of etherize First recorded in 1740–50; ether + -ize Related formse·ther·i·za·tion, noune·ther·iz·er, noun Examples from the Web for etherised Historical Examples of etherised

  • The etherised juices are said to retain their active properties for an indefinite period.

    Cooley’s Practical Receipts, Volume II

    Arnold Cooley

  • Then I went back to sleep with an etherised taste in my mouth like a motorman’s glove.

    “And they thought we wouldn’t fight”

    Floyd Gibbons

  • British Dictionary definitions for etherised etherize etherise verb

    1. (tr) obsolete to subject (a person) to the anaesthetic influence of ether fumes; anaesthetize

    Derived Formsetherization or etherisation, nounetherizer or etheriser, noun

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