Eu Examples Symbol, Chemistry.

  1. europium.


  1. European Union.


  1. a combining form meaning “good,” “well,” occurring chiefly in words of Greek origin (eupepsia); in scientific coinages, especially taxonomic names, it often has the sense “true, genuine” (eukaryote)

Origin of eu- Greek, combining form of eús good (adj.) or eú, eû (neuter, used as adv.) well Related Words for eu EEC, EU Examples from the Web for eu Contemporary Examples of eu

  • The EU and the Palestinians would be better to wait until after the Israeli elections to push for change on the ground.

    Why We Should Delay The Israel-Palestinian Peace Process

    Aaron David Miller

    December 19, 2014

  • Today, Turkey in the German imagination has mostly to do with immigration, assimilation, and EU membership.

    The 20th-Century Dictator Most Idolized by Hitler

    William O’Connor

    November 24, 2014

  • But it seems pretty clear that the EU has plans to make such plans, and this issue is going to be pressed in the months ahead.

    After the Israel Synagogue Massacre: A New Intifada?

    Michael Tomasky

    November 19, 2014

  • The EU has said, since Haaretz broke the story, er, well, we have no such plans.

    After the Israel Synagogue Massacre: A New Intifada?

    Michael Tomasky

    November 19, 2014

  • So watch in the coming weeks to see what Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have to say about the EU effort as this develops.

    After the Israel Synagogue Massacre: A New Intifada?

    Michael Tomasky

    November 19, 2014

  • Historical Examples of eu

  • Jean de Bthencourt was born about the year 1339, at Eu in Normandy.

    Celebrated Travels and Travellers

    Jules Verne

  • Eu ry’ ma chos, or Eurymachus—one of the suitors of Penelope.

    Odysseus, the Hero of Ithaca


  • Eu ry’ lŏ chos, or Eurylochus—one of the companions of Odysseus.

    Odysseus, the Hero of Ithaca


  • This knit by a right line unto the center a, let eu, be drawne.

    The Way To Geometry

    Peter Ramus

  • But at Eu she was the Providence of the poor and the helpless.

    France and the Republic

    William Henry Hurlbert

  • British Dictionary definitions for eu eu the internet domain name for

    1. the European Union

    Eu the chemical symbol for

    1. europium

    EU abbreviation for

    1. European Union

    eu- combining form

    1. well, pleasant, or goodeupeptic; euphony

    Word Origin for eu- via Latin from Greek, from eus good Word Origin and History for eu eu-

    word-forming element in modern use meaning “good, well,” from comb. form of Greek eus “good,” eu “well” (adv.), also “luckily, happily,” from PIE *(e)su- “good” (cf. Sanskrit su- “good,” Avestan hu- “good”).

    eu in Medicine Eu

    1. The symbol for the elementeuropium

    eu- pref.

    1. Good; well; true:eupepsia.
    2. A derivative of a specified substance:euglobulin.

    eu in Science Eu

    1. The symbol for europium.

    europium [yu-rō′pē-əm] Eu

    1. A very rare, silvery-white metallic element that is the softest member of the lanthanide series. It is used in making color television tubes and lasers and as a neutron absorber in nuclear research. Atomic number 63; atomic weight 151.96; melting point 826°C; boiling point 1,439°C; specific gravity 5.259; valence 2, 3. See Periodic Table.

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