eucharis noun

  1. any amaryllidaceous plant of the South American genus Eucharis, cultivated for their large white fragrant flowers

Word Origin for eucharis C19: New Latin, from Late Latin: charming, from Greek eukharis, from eu- + kharis grace Examples from the Web for eucharis Historical Examples of eucharis

  • But in this case, Eucharis (Kate) laughed immoderately at his discomfiture.

    The Strollers

    Frederic S. Isham

  • Then, in the violet forest, all a-bourgeon, Eucharis said to me: “It is Spring.”

    Green Fire

    Fiona Macleod

  • Then, in the violet forest all a-bourgeon, Eucharis, said to me: It is Spring.

    The Divine Adventure etc. (Works vol. 4)

    Fiona Macleod

  • She had a candle in her hand, and the beams fell full upon her soft, white dress and the Eucharis lily in her hair.

    Under False Pretences

    Adeline Sergeant

  • A plant which is very easily affected by cold is a certain species of Eucharis lily.

    Response in the Living and Non-Living

    Jagadis Chunder Bose

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