euchologion [Greek ef-khaw-law-yee-awn; English yoo-kuh-loh-jee-on, -uh n] Word Origin noun, plural eu·cho·lo·gi·a [Greek ef-khaw-law-yee-ah; English yoo-kuh-loh-jee-uh] /Greek ˌɛf xɔˈlɔ yi ɑ; English ˌyu kəˈloʊ dʒi ə/. Eastern Church.

  1. a service book containing liturgies, prayers, and other rites.

Also euchology. Origin of euchologion 1645–55; ecclesiastical Greek euchológion prayer book, equivalent to euch(ḗ) prayer + -o- -o- + -log- word + -ion noun suffix

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