eulogium [yoo-loh-jee-uh m] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural eu·lo·gi·ums, eu·lo·gi·a [yoo-loh-jee-uh] /yuˈloʊ dʒi ə/.

  1. a eulogy.
  2. eulogistic language.

Origin of eulogium 1700–10; Medieval Latin, equivalent to Latin eu- eu- + (ē)logium inscription on a tombstone Examples from the Web for eulogium Historical Examples of eulogium

  • He waited with proud patience till she had finished her eulogium.

    Tales And Novels, Volume 5 (of 10)

    Maria Edgeworth

  • The company eyed the objects of this eulogium with great attention.

    Night and Morning, Complete

    Edward Bulwer-Lytton

  • Nothing could exceed the elegance of her eulogium of “petit guerre.”

    Vivian Grey

    Earl of Beaconsfield, Benjamin Disraeli

  • The alderman’s eulogium on Mr. Punch was superlatively good.

    The English Spy

    Bernard Blackmantle

  • Search in many directions failed to bring forth the Eulogium.

    Priestley in America

    Edgar F. Smith

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