euphorbia [yoo-fawr-bee-uh] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. any plant of the genus Euphorbia, comprising the spurges.

Origin of euphorbia 1350–1400; Middle English euforbia for Latin euphorbea, an African plant named after Euphorbos, a Greek physician Examples from the Web for euphorbia Contemporary Examples of euphorbia

  • And just below us, somewhere among the candelabra and euphorbia trees, were a handful of Diceros bicornis: the black rhino.

    Borana Joins the Fight to Save Kenya’s Rhinos…and Wants You to Help Too

    Joanna Eede

    February 18, 2014

  • Historical Examples of euphorbia

  • Engelmann cites it in Triticum repens, Roëper in Euphorbia palustris.

    Vegetable Teratology

    Maxwell T. Masters

  • The milk-post of the pandal is made of milk-hedge (Euphorbia Tirucalli).

    Castes and Tribes of Southern India

    Edgar Thurston

  • At the same elevation Euphorbia pentagona makes its appearance.

    Western Himalaya and Tibet

    Thomas Thomson

  • There are caterpillars which eat the leaves of the Euphorbia, or spurge, for instance.

    The Insect World

    Louis Figuier

  • I noticed that it had been poisoned—poisoned by euphorbia juice.

    Hair-Breadth Escapes

    H.C. Adams

  • British Dictionary definitions for euphorbia euphorbia noun

    1. any plant of the genus Euphorbia, such as the spurges and poinsettia: family Euphorbiaceae

    Word Origin for euphorbia C14 euforbia: from Latin euphorbea African plant named after Euphorbus, first-century ad Greek physician

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