Eurystheus [yoo-ris-thee-uh s, -thyoos, yuh-] Examples noun Classical Mythology.

  1. a king of Mycenae and cousin of Hercules, upon whom he imposed 12 labors.

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  • In many a land he sojourned and toiled to do the will of the false Eurystheus.

    Museum of Antiquity

    L. W. Yaggy

  • He forgets how often I saved his son when he was worn out by the labours Eurystheus had laid on him.

    The Iliad


  • Eurystheus’s daughter wanted this belt, and Hercules was sent to fetch it.

    Great Men and Famous Women. Vol. 5 of 8


  • Perseus is the father of Sthenelus, and Sthenelus of Eurystheus.

    Studies on Homer and the Homeric Age, Vol. 1 of 3

    W. E. Gladstone

  • One would think that Eurystheus would have acted generously.

    Gods and Heroes

    R. E. Francillon

  • British Dictionary definitions for eurystheus Eurystheus noun

    1. Greek myth a grandson of Perseus, who, through the favour of Hera, inherited the kingship of Mycenae, which Zeus had intended for Hercules
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