Evanston [ev-uh n-stuh n] Examples noun

  1. a city in NE Illinois, on Lake Michigan, near Chicago.

Examples from the Web for evanston Contemporary Examples of evanston

  • People there might say they live in Anaheim, or in Evanston instead of Chicago.

    Why Warren Buffett Still Buys Newspapers as the Industry Sinks

    Howard Kurtz

    June 4, 2012

  • On July 11, Roberts was stopped by police for speeding in Evanston, Wyoming, but was let go with a warning.

    The Seductive Killer Drifter

    Justine Griffin

    October 26, 2010

  • Historical Examples of evanston

  • The women that ride in Evanston Avenue wear dresses, the same as other women wear.

    The House

    Eugene Field

  • I ‘ve been living in Evanston Avenue, and a very worthy locality it is, too!

    The House

    Eugene Field

  • Under the auspices of Mrs. Harbert this was done at Evanston.

    History of Woman Suffrage, Volume III (of III)


  • The car he had caught must have gone southward from Evanston about ten forty-five.

    The Girl and The Bill

    Bannister Merwin

  • Would they not have come to Evanston by an obvious route of train or trolley.

    The Girl and The Bill

    Bannister Merwin

  • British Dictionary definitions for evanston Evanston noun

    1. a city in NE Illinois, on Lake Michigan north of Chicago: Northwestern University (1851). Pop: 74 360 (2003 est)

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