ew or eww [ioo] Examples interjection

  1. (used as an exclamation expressing disgust, aversion, or the like): Ew, I hate mushrooms!


  1. enlisted woman; enlisted women.

Examples from the Web for ew Contemporary Examples of ew

  • When EW brought up the conversation with Garfield to Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb, the director cut them off.

    Could Spider-Man Be Gay? Andrew Garfield Thinks So.

    Kevin Fallon

    July 10, 2013

  • Now, the cycle of “ew” will continue, when Brutsch appears on CNN for an interview with Anderson Cooper this Thursday.

    Why Gawker Should Lose Its War With Reddit

    Alex Klein

    October 18, 2012

  • Channing Tatum channeled his inner teenybopper alongside Jimmy Fallon for the latest installment of ‘Ew!’

    Obamacare, Ann Curry, Nora Ephron, and More Viral Videos

    The Daily Beast Video

    June 30, 2012

  • But riding the “roller coaster,” as Ariel Schulman puts it, of anonymous DIY filmmaker to EW poster boy has been heady.

    The Hottest Property at Sundance

    Nicole LaPorte

    January 25, 2010

  • Historical Examples of ew

  • The ew in new is a sample of what may be called an unsteady or unstable combination.

    The English Language

    Robert Gordon Latham

  • Only a ew days after her visit to Mrs. Jocelyn came a package, a large, flat, nearly square package.

    Polly of the Hospital Staff

    Emma C. Dowd

  • It treated only of the colonization of ew England:—and that only stood on its title-page.

    Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, No. XXIII.–April, 1852.–Vol. IV.


  • EW of all the groups of birds have such decided markings, such characteristic distinctions, as the Owl.

    Birds Illustrated by Color Photography [June, 1897]


  • Knarf sah nugeb gninrael Nital ew deef eht Nibor yreve gninrom.

    The Letters of Jane Austen

    Jane Austen

  • British Dictionary definitions for ew EW abbreviation for

    1. Estonia (international car registration)

    Word Origin for EW from E(esti) W(abariik)

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