Ex-AK Party Adana Chairman becomes first Turkish politician to recover from coronavirus

Ex-AK Party Adana Chairman becomes first Turkish politician to recover from coronavirus

A former Turkish politician has recovered from the coronavirus and has been discharged from the hospital.

The ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party) former Adana Chairman Fikret Yeni was released after spending a week at the hospital, according to a statement he made on his official Twitter account on Wednesday.

In the statement, Yeni said he continues to receive treatment in isolation at his home, as he urged people to be careful about the new “reality” of life.

“None of us should think that we will not contract this disease and should be extra careful,” Yeni said, adding that everyone should follow the advice of the Health Ministry.

The former AK Party politician urged people not to go outside, keep a social distance to make sure the virus does not spread among loved ones.

The Turkish political scene has shown ever-increasing concern over the coronavirus and its effects, with parties integrating measures aimed at preventing the virus’ spread from interfering in the carrying out of political duties across the country and in Parliament.

Turkish politicians have taken measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus not only throughout the country but also in Parliament and government institutions.

Politicians currently opt for holding teleconference meetings rather than face-to-face meetings and avoid handshakes, keeping a personal distance of at least 1 meter as per the advice of health experts.

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey said no visitors would be allowed in Parliament until March 31.

The minimum number of lawmakers will continue to hold debates on the economic omnibus bill in Parliament. Amendments, in line with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s recommendations, may be made to the bill later, according to sources.

As Ankara ramped up measures to curb the outbreak, the Interior Ministry ordered a nationwide closure of almost all places of social gathering, including cafes, cinemas, gyms and wedding halls. The ministry earlier ordered all bars, discos and nightclubs in all provinces to be closed down as well. The country’s top religious authority, the Presidency of Religious Affairs (DİB), announced a ban on prayer gatherings, including Friday prayers, while leaving the mosques open to people who want to perform daily prayers.


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