ex-voto [eks-voh-toh] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural ex-vo·tos.

  1. a painting or other object left as an offering in fulfillment of a vow or in gratitude, as for recovery from an illness or injury.

Origin of ex-voto First recorded in 1815–25, ex-voto is from the Latin word ex vōtō literally, out of a vow ex voto [eks woh-toh; English eks voh-toh] adjective, adverb Latin.

  1. from, or in pursuance of, a vow.

Origin of ex voto First recorded in 1815–25 Examples from the Web for ex-voto Historical Examples of ex-voto

  • The Valenciennes museum has an ex-voto on wood, the history of which is curious.

    France and the Republic

    William Henry Hurlbert

  • Every Sunday they burn a quantity of wax candles before them in ex-voto.

    The Mysteries of Paris, Volume 3 of 6

    Eugne Sue

  • Opposite the steps is a defaced bas-relief, probably a Virgin attended by angels—no doubt an ex-voto of the time of the Conquest.

    Southern Spain

    A.F. Calvert

  • The fainting figures that were painted in the ex-voto of the triptiques seemed ill with love.

    Historia Amoris: A History of Love, Ancient and Modern

    Edgar Saltus

  • British Dictionary definitions for ex-voto ex voto adverb, adjective

    1. in accordance with a vow


    1. an offering made in fulfilment of a vow

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