feast of st. peter’s chains


  1. See under Lammas(def 2).


  1. a former festival in England, held on August 1, in which bread made from the first harvest of corn was blessed.
  2. a festival (Feast of St. Peter’s Chains) observed by Roman Catholics on August 1, in memory of St. Peter’s imprisonment and his miraculous deliverance.


  1. RC Church Aug 1, held as a feast, commemorating St Peter’s miraculous deliverance from prison
  2. Also called: Lammas Day the same day formerly observed in England as a harvest festival. In Scotland Lammas is a quarter day

Aug. 1 harvest festival with consecration of loaves, Old English hlafmæsse, literally “loaf mass,” from hlaf (see loaf (n.)) + mæsse (see mass (n.2)). Altered by influence of lamb (and occasionally spelled lamb- in 16c.-17c.).

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