noun, plural fe·murs, fem·o·ra [fem-er-uh] /ˈfɛm ər ə/.

  1. Anatomy. a bone in the human leg extending from the pelvis to the knee, that is the longest, largest, and strongest in the body; thighbone.
  2. Zoology. a corresponding bone of the leg or hind limb of an animal.
  3. Entomology. the third segment of the leg of an insect (counting from the base), situated between the trochanter and the tibia.

noun plural femurs or femora (ˈfɛmərə)

  1. the longest thickest bone of the human skeleton, articulating with the pelvis above and the knee belowNontechnical name: thighbone
  2. the corresponding bone in other vertebrates
  3. the segment of an insect’s leg nearest to the body

1560s, from Latin femur “thigh,” of unknown origin; borrowed first as an architectural term, 1799 as “thighbone.”

n. pl. fe•murs

  1. thigh
  2. The long bone of the thigh, and the longest and strongest bone in the human body, situated between the pelvis and the knee and articulating with the hipbone and with the tibia and patella.thighbone

  1. The long bone of the thigh or of the upper portion of the hind leg. See more at skeleton.

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