noun Metallurgy.

  1. the material with which the hearth of a puddling furnace is lined, usually a dolomite or refractory mixture.


  1. state; condition: in fine fettle.

verb (used with object), fet·tled, fet·tling.

  1. Ceramics. to remove mold marks from (a cast piece).
  2. Metallurgy.
    1. to remove sand from (a casting).
    2. to repair the hearth of (an open-hearth furnace).


  1. a refractory material used to line the hearth of puddling furnacesAlso called: fettle

verb (tr)

  1. to remove (excess moulding material and casting irregularities) from a cast component
  2. to line or repair (the walls of a furnace)
  3. British dialect
    1. to prepare or arrange (a thing, oneself, etc), esp to put a finishing touch to
    2. to repair or mend (something)


  1. state of health, spirits, etc (esp in the phrase in fine fettle)
  2. another name for fettling

“condition, state, trim,” c.1750, Lancashire dialect, from fettle (v.) “to make ready, arrange” (14c.), perhaps from Old English fetel “a girdle, belt,” from Proto-Germanic *fatiloz (cf. German fessel “fetter, chain,” Old Norse fetill “strap, brace”), from *fat- “to hold.”


  1. Proper or sound condition.
  2. Mental or emotional state; spirits.
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