noun, plural fif·ties.

  1. a cardinal number, ten times five.
  2. a symbol for this number, as 50 or L.
  3. a set of this many persons or things.
  4. fifties, the numbers, years, degrees, or the like, from 50 through 59, as in referring to numbered streets, indicating the years of a lifetime or of a century, or degrees of temperature: She lives in the East Fifties. He’s in his late fifties. It’s going to be in the fifties again today.
  5. Informal. a fifty-dollar bill: He had a fifty and two tens in his wallet.


  1. amounting to 50 in number.

noun plural -ties

  1. the cardinal number that is the product of ten and five
  2. a numeral, 50, L, etc, representing this number
  3. something represented by, representing, or consisting of 50 units


    1. amounting to fiftyfifty people
    2. (as pronoun)fifty should be sufficient

1826 as the years of someone’s life between 50 and 59; 1853 as a decade of years in a given century. See fifty.


Old English fiftig, from fif “five” (see five) + -tig “group of ten” (see -ty (1)). Cf. Old Frisian fiftich, Old Norse fimm tigir, Dutch vijftig, Old High German fimfzug, German fünfzig, Gothic fimf tigjus. U.S. colloquial fifty-fifty “in an even division” is from 1913.

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