filter bubble

filter bubble

filter bubble [fil-ter buhb-uhl]Digital Technology. Word Origin noun

  1. a phenomenon that limits an individual’s exposure to a full spectrum of news and other information on the internet by algorithmically prioritizing content that matches a user’s demographic profile and online history or excluding content that does not: My roommate streamed so many foreign films that he broke the filter bubble on my account—the recommended movies page is all over the place now.

verb (used with object) fil·ter-bub·ble

  1. to cause (a person) to have such a limited online experience through the predictive algorithmic filtering of content: We are being filter-bubbled into homogeneous peer groups by social media platforms.

Origin of filter bubble Coined by Eli Pariser (born 1980), U.S. political and internet activist, in The Filter Bubble (2011)

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