1. having flatfeet.
  2. taking or showing an uncompromising stand in a matter; firm and explicit: a flatfooted denial.
  3. clumsy or plodding; maladroit: flatfooted writing.
  1. catch one flatfooted, to catch one unprepared; surprise: The amount of the bill caught us flatfooted.


  1. having flatfoot
  2. British informal
    1. clumsy or awkward
    2. downright and uncompromising
  3. informal off guard or unawares (often in the phrase catch flat-footed)

c.1600, “with flat feet;” meaning “unprepared” is from 1912, U.S. baseball slang, on notion of “not on one’s toes;” earlier in U.S. colloquial use it meant “straightforwardly, downright” (1828), from notion of “standing firmly.”

see caught flat-footed.

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