1. a deep narrow defile containing a mountain stream or torrent.
  2. an artificial channel or trough for conducting water, as one used to transport logs or provide water power.
  3. an amusement park ride in which passengers are carried in a boatlike or loglike conveyance through a narrow, water-filled chute or over a water slide.

verb (used with object), flumed, flumĀ·ing.

  1. to transport in a flume.
  2. to divert (a stream) by a flume.


  1. a ravine through which a stream flows
  2. a narrow artificial channel made for providing water for power, floating logs, etc
  3. a slide in the form of a long and winding tube with a stream of water running through it that descends into a purpose-built pool


  1. (tr) to transport (logs) in a flume

late 12c., “stream,” from Old French flum “running water, stream, river,” from Latin flumen “flood, stream, running water,” from fluere “to flow” (see fluent). In U.S., used especially of artificial streams channeled for some industrial purpose.

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