noun Chemistry.

  1. a salt of hydrofluoric acid consisting of two elements, one of which is fluorine, as sodium fluoride, NaF.
  2. a compound containing fluorine, as methyl fluoride, CH3F.


  1. any salt of hydrofluoric acid, containing the fluoride ion, F
  2. any compound containing fluorine, such as methyl fluoride

1826, “binary compound of fluorine with another element,” from fluorine + -ide.


  1. A compound of fluorine with another element.
  2. The univalent anion of fluorine.

  1. A compound containing fluorine and another element or radical. Fluorine combines readily with nearly all the other elements, except the noble gases, to form fluorides. In some countries, fluoride is added to the drinking water as a preventive measure against tooth decay.

Any of a number of naturally occurring compounds of the element fluorine. Fluorides have been found to be effective in preventing tooth decay and are routinely added to drinking water in most jurisdictions.

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