adjective, fog·gi·er, fog·gi·est.

  1. thick with or having much fog; misty: a foggy valley; a foggy spring day.
  2. covered or enveloped as if with fog: a foggy mirror.
  3. blurred or obscured as if by fog; not clear; vague: I haven’t the foggiest notion of where she went.
  4. bewildered; perplexed.
  5. Photography. affected by fog.

adjective -gier or -giest

  1. thick with fog
  2. obscure or confused
  3. another word for fogged
  4. not the foggiest, not the foggiest idea or not the foggiest notion no idea whatsoeverI haven’t the foggiest

1540s, perhaps from a Scandinavian source, or formed from fog (n.1) + -y (2). Foggy Bottom “U.S. Department of State,” from the name of a marshy region of Washington, D.C., where many federal buildings are (also with a suggestion of political murkiness) popularized 1947 by James Reston in “New York Times,” but he said it had been used earlier by Edward Folliard of “The Washington Post.”

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