[ad_1] noun
  1. the act or process of putting forth leaves.
  2. the state of being in leaf.
  3. Botany.
    1. the arrangement of leaves within a bud.
    2. the arrangement of leaves on a plant.
  4. leaves or foliage.
  5. Printing. the consecutive numbering of the folios or leaves, as distinguished from pages, of a manuscript or book.
  6. the total number of such leaves.
  7. Petrology. a form of lamination produced in rocks by metamorphism.
  8. ornamentation with foliage, or an arrangement of foliage.
  9. Architecture.
    1. ornamentation with foils.
    2. ornamentation with representations of foliage.
  10. formation into thin sheets.
  11. the application of foil to glass to make a mirror.


  1. botany
    1. the process of producing leaves
    2. the state of being in leaf
    3. the arrangement of leaves in a leaf bud; vernation
  2. architect
    1. ornamentation consisting of foliage
    2. ornamentation consisting of cusps and foils
  3. any decoration with foliage
  4. the consecutive numbering of the leaves of a book
  5. geology the arrangement of the constituents of a rock in leaflike layers, as in schists

1620s, from French foliation or formed in English from Latin foliatus (see foliate (v.)).

  1. The set of layers visible in many metamorphic rocks as a result of the flattening and stretching of mineral grains during metamorphism.
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